Video killed the Stranger

Hey strangers,

We made a new video for our single, 'Til the Hour! Parts from the wonderfully dynamic and freakish good film La Montaña Sagrada by Alejandro Jodorowsky were used. We highly suggest every lover of the strange see this film. It is life changing!


More to the Ears of Strangers

We're working on some more material and a new video for 'til the hour.  We released the single a couple of weeks ago and it's one of our favs to date.


We'll keep you updated with our progress on experiments on our sound which we call dream no-gaze (noise and shoegaze) 


much love to the fellow strange!

Videos for our tunes

Hey there stranger,

we have some cool videos up for our music on youtube. So, go check it out.

Calling all Strangers

Hey, we have just released a track via our  site

for right now, all strangers can listen only on bandcamp...we will post here soon.

we're absolutely thrilled to have new music up!! this one's intense! check it out.


Check out this cool band. They are great live and it will be a treat to hear what sounds they put on vinyl. Dubbed as high-energy indie alternative jangle noise with pop sensibility and shortened to the self proclaimed JANGLE NOISE DREAM POP, Strange Kids are great! [Read More...]
Danger with Strangers

Hi friends,

we've been hard at work. our release date has been pushed a bit later than expected; although, we promise it'll be worth the wait!

let's all get to being strange in the spring!!! ;)  <3 <3 <3

We are Strange

Welcome back, it's been a long time; but, here we come with surprises. A few new tracks are in the works! Ted and Kai have been working on some exciting material and have been working on their sound.

Strange Kids will be releasing tracks in the upcoming month of March! We appreciate all you lovely fans!

Check back in here or on our bandcamp site mid-March for some killer tracks...


Back to Brooklyn!

Hey there Strange Friends!

We rocked at UMS last time and now we're back to Brooklyn. We're finally home after a long drive! So, check back here for updates!



UMS Line-up Announced!

We are slotted for the Denver Post's Underground Music Showcase this Summer!

We're pretty psyched for 3 Days of Local and National acts!

Root40 Tonight!


We play the Lion's Lair tonight w/ Strawberry Runners and Hunter Dragon!

See you there!